AVR910 USB step by step instructions for assembly

One of the major issues that faces when programming microcontrollers - is a good choice programmatora.V the time, I also encountered this problem, rummaged through a bunch of stuff, and the choice fell on two simple programmer : the programmer of the five wires and resistors and AVR910 usb ( can be purchased from us ).
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The programmer of the 5 wires

This programmer can rightly be called a people’s , as virtually every ham radio novice to master microcontrollers, it started with him.
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Gromov programming device

Simple version control for a AVR - this five wires , but if there is at least some soldering skills , collect better programmer Gromov. programator gromova
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Manual assembly programmer USBasp

Build USBasp.
I bought the other day here Seeb laptop , and there was a question of programming microns , as in laptops already in pomyne no com or lpt ports prishloz zayuzat what realties programmer with usb.
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Climate control in the incubator for AVR

It was like this : my godfather decided to start breeding with/farm poultry, and came to me for advice, what and how to organize it all, to automate the whole process. Since I have a great godfather builder and is not trained in digital electronics and programming, I took him to the incubator for electronics that would monitor the temperature in the working environment, turned the eggs several times a day, cooled incubator workspace and believed from the beginning of time vysedki.
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Wind turbine controller

After fabrication windmill , the question arose about the charge controller akb.Zadacha :
  • controller should output current and voltage values on the lcd display Show
  • power that produces wind turbine at a particular time , count the number of kilowatt / hours
  • Handling charge the battery , not giving up the voltage greater than 14.2 volts and the current - more than 1/10 of battery capacity
  • All excess energy that is produced by a wind turbine , the controller takes off on ballast ( it may be some ten volts at 12 kilowatts 2-3 ) Important: ballast must be selected so that when a charged battery controller can download windmill , otherwise he will go into the dressing , and you have to collect the blade to the neighbors .
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Wind turbines with their hands, the wheel of the motor

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Digital voltmeter on the microcontroller

Today we will make a digital voltmeter on the microcontroller . Repeating and realizing material in this article , you will learn how to use the microcontroller can measure the voltage and bring it to lcd display .
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Digital ammeter on the microcontroller

In a previous article digital voltmeter on the microcontroller we have learned to measure the voltage with the ADC , and you probably even then the question arose: how to measure the current ? This is what we will discuss in this post . Since voltage is simple: missed through a voltage divider ( if necessary) and submitted to the ADC , as well as on current account ? To measure current, you can go two ways:
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Digital Power Meter

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