Transistor -radio-electronic semiconductor component, allowing the input signal to a control terminal (for this field Gate, at the bipolar - Base ) to control current in an electrical circuit .
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The calculation of the resistor for LED

Raschet resistor to svetodioda

calculated resistor for LED light - a very important point before turning on the LED to the power source.
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electric current

Іn our time - a time of rapid development of electronics and artificial intelligence - something hard to imagine without electricity.
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electrical circuit

So, we already know that such an electric current. But even the strongest and most high electric current is worth nothing without the electrical circuit. In order that the electric current has started its movement , it is necessary to make a closed electrical circuit .

What is an electrical circuit ? This set of conductors connected elements for the electric current flow . The electrical circuit is used for transmission, distribution and conversion of electric eergii .

circuit elements are the current source and load conductors . A simple electric circuit is shown in Figure 1.
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Operational amplifier

operational amplifier - this sort of thing , which can be used in different ways to change the analog signal ( amplify, attenuate , invert , etc.). On the concept denoted as follows skhematicheskoe designation operational usilitelya
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