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Digital Soldering Station with their hands

When I stepped on the path of the radio amateur , soldered something like a soldering iron , and about any temperature control not even dreamed of. But time passed , everything changed , higher power took pity on my sufferings , and sent me a gift soldering station from producer lukey model 702 .  Rework station lukey After my soldering iron ( with an ax tenom ) payalnik me it seemed like a fairy tale , I felt myself a man. Sting no longer had to clean every second, and there was no need to blow on the parts that they do not leaned against overheating. In soldering station could adjust the temperature from 0 - 480 degrees , a soldering iron was 24c , 50 watt ceramic heater. I have it , of course, immediately dismantled ( a habit ) to see what was hidden narrow-eyed . After inspection, I wanted to make my soldering station with some additional functionality , which I really was not enough, so I saw it :
  • station must possess certain traits laboratory power supply that was adjustable output from 0 to 24V , could also see the current and voltage at the output.
  • I also really lacked managed PWM generator ( in a hurry to change the frequency , duty cycle of the PWM , etc. ).
  • all information displayed on the lcd display

imagining all these charms , I got down to business . First you need to find a power supply for my lab setup, but did not want to use a power transformer , because the station was planned to move to solid distance and transformer weighs decently , and then my eye caught the power supply from an old computer to 200 watts. blok power for soldering stantsii  power supply for soldering station Everything in it was good, but I need to power soldering iron was 24 . Power supply had to be redone . After opening the cover , I saw his heart ( IC tl494).
scheme PSU : in the power supply there is a feedback voltage , realized she fed the output voltage through a resistive divider on the first leg tl499. Be adjusted to a resistive divider , I got the output voltage 24V . PSU for my soldering station ready. The next step was to understand how to adjust the temperature of the soldering iron lukey 702. It was all very simple: the heater soldering embedded thermocouple on it microcontroller determines the temperature sting and thus increases or decreases the duty cycle of the PWM signal on the heater soldering iron. Another problem of temperature measurement was the fact that the thermocouple millivolts betrayed pathetic , they had to reinforce that the ADC of the microcontroller noticed them . Unit gain was realized on operational amplifier lm358. Soldering Station is fairly simple to make and very much needed in the amateur practice .

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