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Clone Pi-W with their hands

metalloiskatel ClonePi W scheme detector  scheme ClonePi W To assemble Clone Pi W we need the following details :  

PCB : pechatnaya charge ClonePi-W PCB format lay, electronic circuit and firmware are archived clone Pi W.zip After we soldered metal detector circuit , we need to " breathe in her soul " - flash microcontroller . To cope with this problem , we need a programmer . The scheme is simple programmer of five wires or more complicated , but working through USB AVR910 usb . If you've never sewed a microcontroller, you need to learn the material in this article .
under ClonePI-W has several firmware versions :

  • firmware 1.2.5 - metal less susceptible to the influence of the soil , the search mode - dynamic
  • firmware 1.2.4 - search mode dynamic / static , otherwise it the same as in 1.2.5

Configuration fuse - the bits to be set as follows:  flash fuse bit detector Clone Pi W .

Fabricate coil :
katushka metalloiskatelya This is done very simply . Take what - any pan with a diameter of 20cm and more bulk and shakes 25-27 turns enameled wire (diameter 0.6-0.8 mm). Coil resistance should be in the range of 1-2 ohms. The larger the diameter of the coil , the higher the sensitivity of the MD. To find small items best to wind the coil diameter 28cm . In principle, this MD is not fussy to the coils , I've tried many types of coils , and shook a basket , but on instinct much of a difference at the same diameter noticed. To search for large objects would be appropriate to make a deep frame, it is practically not sensitive to small objects , and the depth will increase to 3 meters.

Manufacturing rod
Spar can be made from almost any non-metallic materials , such as polypropylene pipe I liked not shtabirovannaya ( shtabirovannaya or fiberglass ),  tube rod detector soldering iron to solder it for polypropylene pipes  Rod detector exploded shtanga detector ClonePi W

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