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- radio-electronic semiconductor component, allowing the input signal to a control terminal (for this field Gate, at the bipolar - Base ) to control current in an electrical circuit .

It is difficult to imagine modern electronics without transistors. Even in the smallest chip hiding tiny transistors .

transistor works surprisingly simple. It can be compared with the vehicle throttle . Mild depression on the gas we run the powerful energy of the engine .

The same thing happens in the transistor , but instead of pressing on the gas , is supplied to the base of a weak control current , and instead of engine power between the collector and emitter collector current is flowing strong .

value of the collector current is directly proportional to the amount of base current . The collector current is always larger than the base current , and the ratio of the collector current to the base current is called the gain of the current. Knowing the base drive current and gain of the transistor , it is easy to find the collector current . Conversely , knowing what the collector current is needed , we can always calculate the current database and you want us to pick up the transistor .

transistors are bipolar and field . They are characterized by the fact that the FET channel resistance between the source and the drain current is not controlled , and the voltage applied to the gate .

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