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Connecting the Hall sensor to the microcontroller

Hall Sensor - is a magnetic field sensor . Its operating principle is the effect Hall : effekt holla If the magnetic field put the plate and current to pass through it , the electrons in the plate will be rejected ( Lawrence force ) is perpendicular to the current direction . From this it follows that one edge of the plate will be more electrons than the other s . This means that there is a potential difference (voltage) , this voltage can be enhanced and izmerit.Datchiki Hall There are two kinds digital  digital sensor hall and analog analogovy sensor holla Digital sensors Hall - with it you can detect the presence of magnetic field. They allow the output 0 - when the magnetic field is below the lower threshold , or 1 - when the magnetic field higher than the upper threshold. Between the lower and upper threshold of sensitivity zone is not there (hysteresis) to avoid false positives Hall sensor . Digital Hall sensors do more :
  • Unipolar - included the magnetic field of a certain polarity and off at lower field induction
  • Bipolar - included one field polarity, and off the field of opposite polarity.
Analog sensor Hall - with it you can determine the strength of the magnetic field , that is, between the strength of the magnetic field and the voltage at the output of the linear dependence of the sensor . The sign and magnitude of the output voltage of the Hall sensor depends on the strength of the magnetic field in which it is placed .

Applications Hall sensor can think of many :

  • as contactless limit switches ( as a replacement reed switch )
  • speed sensor rotation (eg motor )
  • for measuring currents in conductors ( current sensors )
  • motor control ( determining the position of the rotor in the valve engines )
  • as magnetic float ( liquid level measurement )
as we all lessons on what do you use cases the lesson , then this will be no exception . With Hall sensor current sensor we will do and we will measure the current flowing in a conductor with output current value on the lcd display .

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