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The assembly programmer device AVR Doper

I stumbled here the other day a very interesting information. I collected programmer USBasp You can effortlessly turn into AVR Doper, which is fully compatible with the programmer Atmel's STK500.

But what is the benefit to the AVR Doper USBasp? The fact that it has one big advantage - STK500 compatibility, it can be used in conjunction with virtually any software : AVR Studio, ImageCraft, CodeVision, AVRDude and many others For implementation , we need to do everything as it is written in the article assembly programmer USBasp to the point of " Firmware Manager MK programmer " . We'll sew it a little bit different firmware.

To flash control IC programmer can be used , for example , the programmer Gromov , or 5 wires , or something like that .
Installation fyuzov ustanovka fyuzov AVR-Doper After flashing the system should detect it as AVR-Doper One last touch - install drivers for AVR Doper.
To install the drivers to connect the programmer to the PC. The system detects and launches its hardware wizard (if the system does not run it automatically , then go to Device Manager and do it manually) sistema determines avr-doper select all as shown in the screenshot and klatsayut "Next". Next, we need to choose the path driver and klatsnut "Next". After installation, the system will inform us about this in the Device Manager will be a new device installed All right, now you can try our programmer . All required drivers are also available on site

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