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DC load control

In this article I will describe how to manage the load on the DC using FET . Darlington and relay assembly will not be considered as , in my opinion , today they are not relevant .


polevoy tranzistor works as follows. To open the FET must be applied to the gate (Gate) voltage opening . The shutter is a tank that needs to be charged , however , though they say that the field-effect transistor controlled by the voltage , yet for an infinitesimal time opening the transistor need to submit an infinitely large current to the gate . There are two types of field effect transistors : N- channel and P- channel . Principle of operation they have the same , the only difference in the polarity of the carriers in the channel. Accordingly, in a different direction control voltage as a consequence of insertion into the circuit too different . vklyuchenie field tranzistora By simple N- channel transistor tighten " minus " power to the load and P- channel - " plus" supply. But as always there is one " but": the opening of the FET , for example series irf, from the microcontroller to the gate it is necessary to apply much greater than 5 volts. There are three options :
  • use special driver ;
  • build chain on weaker transistors that will supply power to the high-voltage circuit to the gate ;
  • use field-effect transistor that open logical level , for example series irl ( opening voltage of 5 volts which )

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