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Manual assembly programmer USBasp

Build USBasp.
I bought the other day here Seeb laptop , and there was a question of programming microns , as in laptops already in pomyne no com or lpt ports prishloz zayuzat what realties programmer with usb. The choice fell on USBasp because it is easy to zborke Utilization programmer for avr microcontrollers which The supported in-circuit programming (ISP), taksche The supported many programs such as : avrdude, CodeVisionAVR etc. .

and so to work, we need to zborki here such details

Radiodetal Model Number       The main characteristic Shop
The microcontroller Atmega8 1 Buy
Output resistors a low-power (0.25 W) 2 68 ohm Buy    
Output resistors a low-power (0.25 W) 1 270 ohms Buy  
Output resistors a low-power (0.25 W) 2 390 ohms Buy  
Output resistors a low-power (0.25 W) 2 1.5 ohm Buy  
Output resistance a low-power (0.25 W) 2 10k Buy  
Condenser ceramic 1 20 pF Buy  
Condenser ceramic 1 0.1 uF Buy  
Condenser Electrolytic 1 10 uF 16 Buy  
LED red, green 1 Buy  
The pin plug PLD, or


1 Buy


Block diagram:  printed circuit board usbasp  The printed circuit board was manufactured by LUT , usbasp manufacturing process as follows  printed circuit board usbasp  usbasp  usbasp manufacturing LUT  usbasp Porting bore  assembly usbasp  tinned board usbasp  programmaor usbasp    

Installing the driver

  To work with a programmer is required to install drayvera.Posle  USBasp connection to the computer (and JP1-2 JP1-1 jumpers must be open). The operating system detects it and prompts you to install the driver.  driver installation usbasp  In the New Hardware Wizard, select Install from a list or specific location   setting in usbasp windose  Then specify the folder in which the drivers are  choice drivers usbasp  After pressing 'continue', Windows driver installation begins  installation is complete usbasp  If the driver successfully installed Hardware Wizard quits  printed circuit board usbasp  The archive USBasp.zip is that all the files needed to build the programmer:  
  • Firmware ATMega 8 , and alternative firmware for conversion to STK500 (avrdoper)  
  • Driver for Windows
  • Driving
  • PCB format Sprint Layout
  • Photos are finished programming
  • AVRDUDE and GUI to it

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