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Metal detector chance (Chance) with their own hands

metaloiskatel Chance (Chance) After assembling the metal detector ClonePi-W , I dug several hundred kg of scrap metal. Soon I wanted to find a real treasure . But do it without a metal detector that would distinguish metal sooooo hard. C ClonePI W I had to dig wherever squeaks and it exhausting . After searching the internet I settled on md Chance. Since it was manufactured by the same author INTO clone and is a kind of continuation of the series of devices clone 's website Chance . In the metal detector prisudstvuet selection for metals ( ie it can distinguish between nintendo and non-ferrous metal ) , the appliance has a function of discrimination .
Scheme instrument :
 scheme ppm chance Scheme of control buttons : skhema remote ppm shans In order to collect this miracle of technology we need the following details: Circuit board in Sptint Layout  printed circuit board ppm chance Take Circuits and solder as shown on the PCB, we get ready to board  Metal chance  fees metal chance  Metal chance with their hands Manufacturers sensor :
To the sensor is not subject to special requirements in the area of 300-400 inductance microHenry resistance 1.3 - 2 ohms . I used a 25cm diameter ring 27 turns wire 0,67-0,8 mm, the sensor is also made as to the author's website  sensor to md chance (Chance)  ppm sensor to chance (Chance)  md reel to chance (Chance)  metal detector coil to Chance (Chance) Device on both worked fine .
Firmware microns Chance:
To flash microcontroller programmer can use the simple interface of c com five wires or if there is no com port to collect Usb programmer AVR910 usb .
Fyuz bits microcontroller must be bound as follows:  proshyvka fuse ppm chance Everything you need for zborki device stored in the archive chance.zip .

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