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Voltage converter 12c-19c Laptop

After assembling windmill , which charged 12 -volt battery , the question arose , and what it can be powered . One of my main device was a laptop , it could be powered by a windmill in two ways :
  1. Use converter 12V -> 220V , and it has to connect the standard charging , which will make of 220v 19v . This option does not suit me because the overall efficiency of such a system will be small , and precious energy is lost on converters . For example, the efficiency of the converter 12V -> 220V somewhere around 0.8 , and the charging efficiency of laptop around 0.9 , it turns out the total system efficiency of 0.72 , which is not very happy. Use
  2. converter 12c -> 19c, an efficiency in the area of 0,9
The latter option was more attractive and I started to assemble dc / dc converter 12v -> 19v . On the Internet scheme was found by an unknown author skhema voltage converter 12-19v Here is the main element of the PWM chip UC3843.Ona clocked at 42 kGts.Chastota given RC chain R8 C13. The PWM circuit supplies a signal to the terminal 6 , is amplified by transistors T2, T3 and enters the main switch T1. T2, T3 are used to reduce transients ( opening-closing ) for T1. Voltage feedback performed on R3, R2, R1 and trimmer P1. Inductor L1 is wound on a ring of diameter 30mm atomized iron wire 0.8 mm. Input and output filters may be used and smaller denominations , depending on the load.

We need to build :

Radiodetal Model Number The main characteristic Driving Shop
resistor low-powered 1 5.6 ohms R1 Buy  
resistor low-powered 1 51 ohms

(51.1 ohms)

R2 Buy


resistor low-powered 1 9.1 ohms

(9.09 ohms)

R3 Buy


resistor low-powered 1 1 MOhm R4 Buy  
resistor low-powered 1 4.7 kOhm R5 Buy  
resistor low-powered 2 15 kOhm R6, R8 Buy  
resistor low-powered 1 27 kOhm R7 Buy  
resistor low-powered 2 6.8 ohm R9, R10 Buy  
resistor low-powered 1 10 kOhm R11 Buy  
resistor low-powered 1 100 ohms R12 Buy  
resistor trimmer 1 5KOm P1 Buy  
Capacitor Electrolytic 4 3300μF 16V C1-C4 Buy  
Capacitor 3 1μF MKT C5, C10, C12 Buy  
Capacitor Electrolytic 4 2200μF 25V C6-C9 Buy  
Capacitor Ceramic 1 22nF C11 Buy  
Capacitor Ceramic 1 2.2nF C13 Buy  
Capacitor Ceramic 2 100nF C14, C15 Buy  
Capacitor Electrolytic 4 10μF 63V C16 Buy  
Throttle 1 56μH L1  
Schottky diode MBR1645 1 for any I> 10A U> 30v D1 Buy     
Transistor IRL2505 1 Field T1 Buy  
Transistor BD139 1 bipolar T2 Buy  
Transistor BD140 1 bipolar T3 Buy  
Chip UC3843N 1 PWM controller IC1 Buy  

PCB pechatnaya converter board 12-19 pechatnaya charge voltage converter to noutbuku was made by LUT preobrazovatelya 12-19 beginners can gather and breadboard .

circuit board
Datasheet on UC3843N

If you are unable to collect this converter , you can order it from us

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