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electrical circuit

So, we already know that such an electric current. But even the strongest and most high electric current is worth nothing without the electrical circuit. In order that the electric current has started its movement , it is necessary to make a closed electrical circuit .

What is an electrical circuit ? This set of conductors connected elements for the electric current flow . The electrical circuit is used for transmission, distribution and conversion of electric eergii .

circuit elements are the current source and load conductors . A simple electric circuit is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1. Simplest electrical circuit .

current source circuit can be devices such as generators , batteries, chemical elements , etc.

load in an electrical circuit is any consumer of electricity. The current from the current source flows through the load conductors . As the conductors are trying to use the materials with the lowest resistance (copper , silver , gold ).

compounds circuit elements are in series, parallel and combined , that is, with serial and parallel connection of elements .

Serial Connection

In a series connection , as shown in Figure 2, all circuit elements connected in series with each other , i.e. the first end from the second starting end to the beginning of the second and third , etc.  serial connection

Parallel Connection

Consider a parallel connection in an electrical circuit (Figure 3 . ) All elements are connected in such a way that they are connected to the beginning at a common point , and ends - at the other.  Parallel Connection

series and parallel circuit shown in the figure . Posledovatelno Parallel soedinenie Successively , the parallel electrical circuit is a combination of series and parallel circuit elements that is turned on and its series and parallel

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