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Reverse, DC motor control, H bridge

H-bridge is an electronic circuit that allows you to change the direction of the flow of electrons through a certain part of the scheme. These circuits are often used in robotics for starting DC motors forwards and backwards. Constructive Solutions schemes may be different, but they have a common principle Shema N-mosta H-bridge has four key ( switch relay , transistor , thyristor , etc.) , labeled in the figure S1, S2, S3, S4. States may have different key combinations , practically significant are the following :
included off result
S1 and S2 < td> S3 and S4 forward rotation
S3 and S4 S1 i S2 Rotation ago
 h bridge state Most other combinations of useless or dangerous (eg , simultaneous activation of A1 and B2 will cause a short circuit) , so practical schemes usually contain security features.

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